Sorghum, a robust grass with edible starchy seeds, holds significant importance in various industries. In India, it is commonly referred to as Jowar, Cholam, or Jonna. The Sorghum exporter in India plays a key role in exporting a substantial quantity of this crop each year. With the increasing popularity of sorghum worldwide, the export of sorghum from India has been on the rise as well. This presents an excellent opportunity for Indian sorghum exporters to expand their businesses and enter the international marketplace. The export of jawari (sorghum) includes a wide range of varieties and qualities of the product, catering to diverse market demands.




Sorghum, a significant food crop in Africa, serves multiple purposes such as food consumption, hay production, and fodder. Its resilience to drought and heat makes it highly valued in hot and arid regions. The Sorghum exporter in India caters to the global demand by exporting high-quality sorghum, resulting in a steady increase in Sorghum imports from India over the years.


Product Name Sorghum
Origin Northeastern Africa
Family Poaceae
Binomial name Sorghum bicolor



Nutrients Calories 316
Carbohydrate – 69g
Fiber – 6g
Minerals Magnesium
Vitamins Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Protein 10g
Fats 3g


Here are the uses of culinary sorghum, presented in bullet point format:

  • Culinary sorghum is used as a food product and can be consumed in various forms.
  • It is utilized in the production of edible oil, starch, dextrose, and certain alcoholic beverages.
  • The stalks of culinary sorghum are used as hay and fodder, providing nutrition to livestock.
  • The stalks are also used for making brooms and brushes.
  • Culinary sweet sorghum is particularly employed in syrup manufacture and the production of ethyl alcohol for biofuel.

These are some of the key uses of culinary sorghum, showcasing its versatility across different industries and applications.

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