Pearl Millet

Pearl millet, classified as an annual grass, is a millet variety that can grow up to approximately 3 meters in height, featuring an extensive root system. The global demand for pearl millet has been steadily increasing, leading to significant exports of this grain from India. Apart from its growing popularity, pearl millet is recognized for its various uses and benefits, including health and medicinal advantages. Consequently, the export of pearl millet from India is expected to witness rapid growth in the forthcoming years. Indian exporters of pearl millet generate substantial revenues by supplying their products to numerous countries worldwide. As such, the export of pearl millet presents a promising business opportunity for food exporters looking to capitalize on this growing market.




Nutrients Calories – 378 calories
Carbohydrates – 73g
Dietary Fiber – 17g/200 grams
Protein 11g
Vitamin Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Vitamin B6
Minerals Calcium
Fat 8.4 gm


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