Mango, famously known as the “King of fruits,” holds a significant position in India’s agricultural landscape. With a staggering production of approximately 15.03 million tons, India accounts for a remarkable 40.48% of the world’s total mango production. The export of mangoes from India has witnessed a substantial growth rate, rising from Rs. 142 crores in 2006-2007 to Rs. 209 crores in 2010-2011, reflecting a notable 47% increase. This surge in Indian mango exports presents a promising opportunity for expansion and success in the international market. The delectable flavor, diverse varieties, and high quality of Indian mangoes make them highly sought-after worldwide, further driving the growth potential of mango exports from India.





Nutrients Calories – 99
Dietary Fiber – 2.6 gm
Carbs – 24.7 gm
Protein 1.4 gm
Fat 0.6 gm
Vitamin Vitamin A and C
Minerals Folate
Iron and a little Calcium
Zinc and Vitamin E

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