Cinnamon, derived from the dried bark of various laurel trees in the Cinnamomum family, is known for its sweet taste and woody fragrance in both ground and stick forms. The “True Cinnamon” comes from the dried inner stem bark of Cinnamomum Verum, while cassia is another common variety derived from cinnamon trees. With the increasing popularity of cinnamon worldwide, cinnamon export from India has been steadily growing, offering exporters a significant source of revenue. Cinnamon is naturally grown in the forests of the Western Ghats and is also cultivated in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, with Kerala being one of the prominent locations for its cultivation.





Cinnamon’s sweet-spicy flavor enhances the taste of vegetables, fruits, and pairs perfectly with chocolate in desserts and beverages. It is also used to balance the tartness of apple pie. Cinnamon finds extensive use in flavoring confectionery, liquors, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Additionally, it is believed to aid in the digestion of sugar for individuals with diabetes. The import of cinnamon from India has seen a steady increase due to its diverse applications, prompting Indian exporters to focus on efficient cultivation. Cinnamon is now widely used in various global cuisines and finds applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. India ranks among the top ten cinnamon exporters globally, with an annual export value of $7,140,000. Since 2015, India has been one of the fastest-growing cinnamon exporters. The global sales for cinnamon exports in 2019 totaled to US$692.4 million. India exports cinnamon to several countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand.



Product Name Cinnamon
Origin Native to Ceylon, Sri Lanka
Family Laurels
Binomial name Cinnamomum verum



Nutrients Calories – 6.42 calories
Carbohydrate – 2.1g
Dietary Fibre – 53g/100 grams
Minerals Iron
Vitamin Vitamin A, B and K
Protein 4g/100 grams
Fats 1.2g/100 grams



  1. Culinary Uses: Cinnamon is widely used in various dishes for its unique flavor and aroma. It adds warmth and depth to both sweet and savory recipes, including baked goods, desserts, curries, and beverages.
  2. Medicinal Benefits: Cinnamon has several medicinal benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and contains compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming cinnamon may help reduce the risk of heart diseases and promote overall health.

Please note that while cinnamon has been associated with potential health benefits, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and guidance.


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