Cavendish Banana


The export of food products from India has shown consistent growth, and the banana export market stands out as one of the rapidly expanding sectors. As one of the largest banana exporters globally, India has successfully penetrated the global market. To ensure the export of high-quality bananas, strict health and quality standards are maintained. Indian banana exporters adhere to Good Agricultural Practices, implement rigorous quality control measures, and pay attention to proper packaging and labeling. By meeting these standards, they ensure that the exported bananas meet the required regulations, positioning India as a reliable source of high-quality bananas in the international market.



Cavendish banana is a popular and widely cultivated variety of bananas that originated from the Gros Michel banana, which was the dominant variety until the 1950s. The Cavendish banana gained prominence as a replacement for Gros Michel due to its resistance to Panama disease, a devastating fungal disease that affected the Gros Michel variety. Here are some key points about the Cavendish banana:

  1. Size and Appearance: Cavendish bananas are medium-sized, typically measuring around 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 centimeters) in length. They have a distinctive curved shape and feature a thick, bright yellow skin when ripe.
  2. Taste and Texture: The flavor of Cavendish bananas is generally mild and sweet, with a creamy and smooth texture. When fully ripe, they are soft and easily break apart when bitten.
  3. Shelf Life: Cavendish bananas have a relatively long shelf life compared to other banana varieties. This characteristic allows them to be transported and stored for extended periods without significant spoilage.
  4. Cultivation: Cavendish bananas are grown in tropical and subtropical regions around the world. They require warm temperatures, ample sunlight, and well-drained soil to thrive. The plants are propagated through suckers, which are young shoots that grow from the base of the banana plant.
  5. Global Production and Trade: Cavendish bananas are the most commonly exported and consumed banana variety worldwide. Major banana-producing countries like Ecuador, the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Honduras contribute significantly to global Cavendish banana production.
  6. Vulnerability to Diseases: Although Cavendish bananas are resistant to Panama disease (Fusarium wilt) strain 1, they are susceptible to a new strain known as Tropical Race 4 (TR4). TR4 has emerged as a serious threat to Cavendish banana plantations in various parts of the world, leading to concerns about the long-term sustainability of this variety.

It’s important to note that while the Cavendish banana is the most well-known and widely available variety, there are many other types of bananas with different flavors, textures, and appearances that are consumed in different regions around the world.


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Minimum 18 cm- 25 cm( pulp to tip)

Net Weight

13-13.5 Kg per carton box

Gross weightTemperature

In refer 13.5 degree


Bottom 5 Ply And Top 3 Ply Strong Carton Box


1x40feet Container Can Loadable 1540 Carton Box(20mt)

Delivery time

10 To 15 Days From Date Of Advance Payment Received